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Five Office Accessories To Make Working From Home More Bearable

When the COVID-19 virus first started making waves late last year, it was pretty much ignored. People went on celebrating the holiday season, excitedly making plans for the year ahead.

Well, that all quickly went bust.

It’s been about nine months since we first heard about the COVID-19 outbreak and the world as we know it has drastically changed. Entire cities spent months under lockdown, with residents forced to stay inside their homes, in a bid to minimize the spread of the virus. Those working on the frontlines are struggling, overwhelmed by the number of confirmed cases, and hampered by the lack of adequate protective gear. Economies were crashing, companies were going belly-up, and the stock market was in a freefall.

Needless to say, it’s been a rough year.

Along with this unprecedented global pandemic came the realization that the business landscape and the workforce would have to change. Employees were traditionally required to come into the office, working a grueling nine to five, and dealing with an exhausting commute. Their days were filled with an endless list of responsibilities, meetings, and presentations, all of which drained their energies and left them feeling like an empty husk of a human being.

Since the outbreak, though, millions of employees across the globe are working from home. Armed with video conferencing platforms, digital technologies, and the Internet, they’ve been steadily delivering on their tasks, without seeing their colleagues face-to-face or setting foot in the office.

While this arrangement has its own set of issues, it can’t be denied that working from home will continue until well into next year, and maybe even beyond that. Because of this, employees are challenged to create an effective space in their homes that would allow them to continue being productive, despite the temptations of a comfy couch and an even comfier bed.

More importantly, ergonomic solutions are required to ensure that their health and well-being remain relatively stable. Without a doubt, this is particularly difficult, seeing as home furniture is neither designed nor optimized for backbreaking work and a full-time job.

With this in mind, here are a few tools and accessories that will help make working from home much more bearable.

Foot Hammock ($25.78)


Spending a huge chunk of your day chained to a desk will undoubtedly cause a whole slew of health issues, such as poor circulation, swollen legs, and a sore back. Because of this, many recommend installing a foot hammock to keep your feet elevated and boost your blood flow, both of which resolve all the aches and pains that you might be currently experiencing. Made with a soft yet high-quality fabric and featuring adjustable straps, this nifty office accessory will allow you to perform at your best throughout the workday.

Folding Tablet Stand ($13.50)


If you work primarily using an iPad or a tablet, then there’s a huge chance that you know the feeling of aching wrists and sore fingers as you struggle to hold your device upright. Whether you’re typing a report or taking a quick break by watching videos on YouTube, having a folding tablet stand would be an incredible – and healthy – addition to your desk, allowing you to enjoy your device with ease.

Stress Relief Punching Bag ($15.99)


Being an adult means constantly having to deal with annoying and frustrating people; from co-workers to clients and incompetent managers, these individuals are undeniably the bane of our existence. So, the next time your colleague won’t shut up during a Zoom meeting or if you find yourself setting up yet another conference with a demanding client, take out all your negative emotions on this tiny punching bag. This durable and easy-to-use inflatable stress reliever will help keep your mental health stable, as well as your professional demeanor in check.

Surge Protector ($12.48)


A work from home arrangement largely means that you’re heavily dependent on your gadgets. These devices are used to reach your boss, your colleagues, and the rest of your department, as well as your clients and customers. Because of this, you most probably have a chaotic mess of wires snaking their way across your entire home office – an annoyance, at best, and a dangerous hazard, at worse. This is why having a surge protector is extremely important; not only would having one keep your electronics safe from damaging power surges, but it also reduces the risk of electrocution whenever you reach down to plug something in.

Pelican Laptop Case with Foam ($48.91)


It’s often hard to avoid the rest of the family when you’re working from home and while this certainly allows for more precious bonding moments with them, it also means that your devices are at risk of spills, curious fingers, and other horrible accidents. Naturally, not everyone has funds to immediately replace a broken or damaged laptop, which is definitely a bitter pill to swallow, considering the fact that this new arrangement means that you’re more dependent on your gadgets than ever. This is why it’s highly recommended that you go all out to make sure every single device is secure and well-protected – starting with your laptop. This hardback case is crush-resistant, water-resistant, and boasts of anti-scratch foam inserts, all of which are features that guarantee the safety of your device.

* * * * *

If you’re currently working from home and struggling with the challenges that this arrangement poses, then take a look at the many office supplies, tools, and accessories that we have available. Besides making your workday way more fun and interesting, these will also ensure that your new reality is much more bearable.

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